Promote your blog and gain audiences with The Guardian!

One of the leading newspapers in the world, the Guardian, has on its online page a site called Blogging Students, which offers students an opportunity to have their say on the pressing issues of life on campus, from fees to face time, from deadlines to distractions. Since they’ve launched this blog in 2012, they have  uncovered some brilliant writing talent that includes students from science to law, business to art, journalism to medicine. Each one of you has the opportunity to blog for the Guardian.

The criteria for submitting a blog to the Guardian is:

All you have to do, according to the editor, is “Make sure you have something fresh to say that will grab the attention of lots of other students. And pick the best format for getting your point across.”

All of you are blogging about very interesting topics this semester which are relevant to the student community. This is a wonderful way to get exposure and audience through a very respectable news organization. Thus I strongly advice you to pitch your idea

 Best of luck!

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