Places to find paid blogging gigs

As many of you are approaching the BIG DAY! (a.k.a graduation), finding a job is a top priority on your mind. Some of you are looking for paid opportunities to lift a bit the burden of high education costs. Well, as I have said before, while finding a full-time work as a blogger is a bit unusual, most employers will looks for people with the skills needed for running a blog. In addition, there are many opportunities to make money as a freelance part-time blogger. I have put together a couple of resources that help you navigate the potential paid blogging opportunities.

Finding jobs that require blogging skills

SEARCH “blog,” “blogger” or “blogging” on the job board to looks up employment and internship opportunities that are looking for people with blogging skills. You can narrow down the search by location. I just tried it. The search for “blog” with location in Houston generated 152 hits. The search for “blogger” generated 7 hits, while the search for “blogging” generated 26 hits for the Houston location. It’s worth your time!!

Blogger Jobs, is another site with a tighter focus on blogging jobs that might turn up some interesting prospects here. The listings are sorted by category, which means you can target areas of specific interest (e.g. fashion blogging). Just in today’s posting they posted information about three different job opportunities as a blogger. In addition, in this site you can also find postings for other writing/journalist/communication jobs.

Freelance opportunities for bloggers

Borrowing from the list of “10 Places to Find Blogging Gigs That Pay” compiled from Tom Ewer, I want to emphasize the following site that provides an excellent starting point to looks for a freelance blogging opportunity.

ProBlogger Job board is a “a Blog that helps bloggers to add income streams to their blogs.” It is written and maintained by Darren Rowse, a full time Blogger making a living from blogs. The boards has currently about hundred active freelance opportunities for blogger that you might want to check out immediately! Just so far today they posted two jobs.

Rowse started ProBlogger in 2004 and since then he has added over 7000 articles, tips, tutorials and case studies that helping other bloggers learn the skills of blogging, share their own experiences and promote the blogging medium. Therefore, this site is very helpful to further improve your blogging skills beyond this class.

Tom Ewer has put together a video tutorial on how to use this site most efficiently to find job opportunities.



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