Beyond blogging…How about Plogging?

You might have already heard about Plogging, the new catch word in the world of user-generated content currently circulating the Web. Some have argued that Plogging is the future of blogging. So what, exactly, is Plogging?

Platform blogging, or Plogging, is a type of long form blogging usually done on a social networking platforms such as Facebook, Slack, or Medium, rather than on a dedicated blogging site such as the one you have built during this semester. In “So Long Blogging. Hello – Yep, We’re Going to Say It – Plogging” published on Wired, Julia Greenberg describes this experience as a shift in the way people are publishing their work online in consolidated platforms that offer “a clean, simple experience, the potential for visibility where an audience already exists, and (perhaps) the kind of money that comes with scale.”

What “plogging” networks host your long-form content?
  • Medium: provides a long-format platform where users can present thoughts in depth using words, images, as well as a comment/like system that helps you get feedback. While they emphasize words as means to communicate thoughts, it makes a great platform for writers and journalists who are serious about their craft.
  • Facebook Notes: recently made a come back as a medium within the Facebook platform with a reaching power for audiences for frequent users of Facebook who have invested in building audiences.
  • LinkedIn Publisher: is a good way to establish yourself as an influencer. Publisher is great for “influencers,” business owners, and executives.
  • Tumblr: is great for young, creative brands and writers that wish to speak to a specifically young generation.On Tumblr, it’s permissible to share short-form content (but you’ll likely have to invest time to create attractive graphics and perhaps video elements to achieve any level of virality).
  • Twitter? Twitter recently announced that it’s experimenting with content over 140 characters long, and Snapchat introduced its “Discover” with well-known publishers.  Both platforms have also introduced curated “live” events in the past year.

Other alternatives to traditional Blogging

  • Vlog (video blog) – is a form of web television in which the blogging practice done via video. It has been around since at least 2005, with YouTube offering a high high traffic platform for video bloggers, or vloggers, in which participants present their personal videos often filmed using hand held point and shoot cameras.’I’m Vlogging Here’ is a feature-length documentary that delves into the lives and nature of “vloggers”, a new genre of YouTube videomaker.
  • Diavlog (dialog + video + blog): is a video blog, or vlog, in which two people discuss a topic. A portmanteau of dialog, video, and blog. Popular sites to get a senses for this blogging practice is Bloggingheads diavlog.
  • Plog: a personalized web log initially promoted by Amazon.

I want to emphasize that traditional way of blogging is not dead. But, there are additional platforms where you can express yourself creatively while engaging with the community and building wide audiences. This is the time for professional communicators to make use of all the technologies available.


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