Wellcome to COMM 4310!!

This is my fifth year teaching COMM 4310 Opinion Writing at the UH, and I am excited to have each and every one of you in my 2017 class. Every time is a new experience for me as my students taking this class bring so much uniqueness and diversity.

Let’s face it, we all have opinions and thoughts about one issue or the other. In this course, you will learn to think critically about social issues that affect your lives and to make your thoughts publicly known while writing effectively in different Opinion writing formats for print and online media.You will create Blogs on an issue close to your heart and will be writing weekly posts, taking advantage of the Internet as a cheap and accessible communication tool. However, an important focus of our journey will be the traditional media as they are important tools not only to publish your opinions but to expose them to hundreds and thousands of people, thus tapping on established audiences.

My role in this course will be to facilitate your learning by providing resources and guidance that will help you be successful in the art of persuasion. However, the learning responsibility is all yours. I expect you to be engaged and participate not only during our class sessions but also outside the classroom. Come to class with strong Opinions and communicate them to us effectively. I will be there to help you articulate them in amazing written pieces!

The ultimate goal of this class is to have each student publish their opinion pieces in order to enrich your portfolio and help open doors for future internships and jobs in journalism and other communication professions. Thus, forget about grades – aim higher…sky is the limit!!

I hope you remain with us until the end to complete this course successfully!!

Good Luck!!


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