Get involved with Student Media!

The beginning of a new semester is a great opportunity to become a member of our student media organizations.  The Cougar, Coog Radio and Student Video Network offer hands-on experience in media production and publishing. Each offers unique opportunities to develop skills, learn from professionals and produce real-world projects. In student media, you can learn to take controls, call the shots, tell stories and walk away with resume-making and portfolio-building experiences.

  • The Daily Cougar and Cooglife magazine: Gain practical experience covering news, sports, lifestyle and more on and off campus for print and digital.
  • Coog Radio: Staff, manage and promote a 24/7 online radio station, a local music blog, live music events and DJ services.
  • Student Video Network (CoogTV): Produce news, sports, talk, entertainment and more for the campus cable network and an on-demand video website.

Each organization also offers paid and unpaid leadership positions to take your experience to the next level. Log in to AccessUH and click Get Involved  to find and join these organizations! The Center for Student Media also offers student employment in media sales, graphic design, photo/videographer, marketing and distribution. Look for Student Media positions on Cougar Pathway (Log in to Access UH)

For more information about student media check out or send an email to


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