Live Event Review

For your last out-of-class graded assignment, I ask you to attend an arts event in Houston and write a review/commentary on that event that will be submitted to the Daily Cougar or the Houston Chronicle.

I leave it up to you what type of arts performance you would like to review for this assignment. However, the criteria are: this must be a (1) professional and (2) live type of arts performance. What qualifies:

  1. Live concerts
  2. Theater performances
  3. Comedies
  4. Opera and ballet
  5. Visual Art exhibits (new and temporary/traveling exhibits at museums, excluding permanent collections)

You can find information about what’s going on in Houston arts scene at:

They also have a list of free events you can attend at:

Suggestions on how to write a great piece:

  • Review an art’s event that is timely
  • Use your reporting skills to provide your readers with the facts: Answer the ‘Who,’ ‘What’ and ‘Why’ questions, and use your judgment if to report on the rest of the W questions.
  • Besides providing your readers with the facts, insert your opinion while answering the “Who” and ‘What’ questions. Provide interpretation of the art or/and the artists you are reviewing.
  • When inserting your own opinion, answer the question “Why” (why do you think that way?)
  • Write your piece with your audiences in mind (UH students or Houstonians that read the Chronicle). Write for outsiders.
  • Write in short clear sentences.
  • Limit your column between 400- 500 words.
  • Submit your column on Blackboard.
  • Due Date: December 8th, by 01:00pm.
  • Have fun. Energy, humanity, and creativity are rewarded in this business.

Also, I strongly suggest you read how other people write reviews in most prestigious publications in order to learn from the BEST! Here are a couple of suggestions:

The New York Times arts page

The Washington Post entertainment page

The New Yorker (specialized in art)

The Houston Chronicle entertainment page

The Rolling Stones (specialized in music)


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