The Blog Competition

It’s the time of the semester for the “Iron chef” blog competition. I have grouped the class participants’ blogs with a common theme into four groups focusing on (1)Policy/Social issues, (2) Arts/Industry Review, (3) Lifestyle, and (4) Sports. Each student is required to evaluate the blogs of ALL class members based on the criteria bellow. You are expected to review the blogs as a whole and distribute points in each categories. You will need to justify your score distribution with a supported reason!!!

Review Criteria:

  1. Relevance of topic/information posted (0-5)
  2. Originality (0-5)
  3. Continuity (0-5)
  4. Content & writing (0-5)
  5. The use of technology and multimedia platform (0-5)
  • Optional: 10 extra points

Prizes!!!Prizes!!!!Prizes!!!! The winners of the first place in each group will be awarded:

  • Grade A for the assignment
  • A free Valenti School logo T-Shirt

Group members:

Policy/Social issues

  • Alyssa Foley – education
  • Emily Freeman – immigration
  • Bethel Biru – Black women & black culture
  • Lacey Cink – The effects of social media
  • Nick Williamson – Social issues in Sports
  • Sara Stelling – Borderline Disorder

Arts/Industry Review

  • Brandon Barber – Movie reviews
  • Sam Byrd – Theatre reviews
  • Brenda Ruiz – Latino dance
  • Natasha Ero – Hollywood
  • Michelle Loyla – Fashion History


  • Cataryna Galan – Houston bars
  • Hanieh Karimaghaee – Cooking
  • Natalie Martinez – Lifestyle
  • Rolando Recendez – Travel
  • Travis Forward – Life on campus


  • Emmanuel Gonzales – America’s soccer dream
  • Rebal Shurbaji – Soccer
  • Steven Erazo – Wrestling
  • Taylor Marron – Women football fans
  • J. Leibowitz – UH sports

The Dates for the competition are the following:

  • Policy/Social Issues – November 27th
  • Arts/Industry Review – November 27rd
  • Lifestyle – November 30th
  • Sports – November 30th

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