About this blog

This blog features materials for COMM4310 Opinion Writing class. This course, taught in the journalism sequence of the Jack J. Valenti School of Communication at the University of Houston, is designed for upper-level students in journalism.

In this course we will tackle some of the essential ingredients that make a well-read columnist and blogger. We will study various forms of opinion writing: personal columns, editorials, critical reviews, and blogging as an online form of self-expression. Among topics covered are the search for ideas, choosing the right tone and style of your column based on your audience, and building credibility. This course is as much an exploration of critical thinking as it is of writing, so there will also be emphasis on aspects of philosophy, logic and argumentation.

This blog has two purposes (1) to provide students with information to help them with their out-of-class writing projects and (2) gather their individual blogs in one place.


  • How to find ideas for columns in your community
  • How to articulate well-supported opinions that are grounded on facts
  • How to choose the best tone for the column
  • How to design and maintain a niche blogs focused on relevant issues
  • How to build credibility and brand


  • Journalists
  • Bloggers
  • PR and Strategic Comm majors interested in the art of written persuasion



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